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Stay STUPID Strong

Somehow, the universe aligned. My editor had a client cancel, my designer finished the cover in the midst of moving to a new country, and I managed to stay awake 18-20 hours a day for the last month. I may have dropped a few balls as a tried to balance the day job and still give my people the love they need. I must thank my boyfriend, girlfriends, and family for being patient and supportive! XOXO. All of you joining in this journey in the tribe made me feel stupid strong through all of it.

If you have yet to feel you know your life's purpose, let's talk. There is nothing better than the excitement of waking up everyday knowing you are exactly where you are meant to be. It's not a new message, but a good reminder, when you are inspired to act in service, there is nothing you can't do. Each time you want to quit because of...fear, doubt, questioning...there is always something, or someone, who will show up and tell you to NOT GIVE UP. I call this fighting for love. It's the gift we all have when we are lucky enough to have one more day.

Candace Netzer didn't get enough days in her fight. Others I've dedicated this book to, and more that I don't know, are fighting now and we can only share our love, strength, and prayers for miracles. What I know, and one of the messages in Love After Broken, is that there are always silver linings in this beautiful mess of life. We get through it together. Here is a quote from the book:

"Since the beginning of time, this is how we get through terror, trouble, and triumph. With each other."

Candace died of stomach cancer (also known as gastric cancer) on November 28, 2017. The stats suck. Today, five years after she was diagnosed, surviving five years after diagnosis has only risen from 28.6% to 29.3%. It's the fifth most common cancer, the second deadliest, and a million people will be diagnosed this year. 300,000 mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, friends won't make it through the next five years! Most will have their whole, or at least most, of their stomach removed which means those who remain alive suffer a whole host of other challenges. Because it's considered rare in comparison to other cancers, however, the funding just isn't there. When Candace was diagnosed, only 0.23% of the National Cancer Institute's budget was dedicated to gastric cancer. In 2017, it was the least funded cancer at only $13.4 million. Just for comparison's sake, and not to say for a second that every cancer isn't equally important to fund, breast cancer received $545M, lung $320M, and AIDS funding was $249M from the National Cancer Institute.

Love After Broken will both educate the public about taking what might seem like just a stomach ache more seriously and give money to support Candace's legacy as I donate proceeds from the book. Of course, in the middle of her battle, she started a foundation to help others. Fittingly, it was named Stupid Strong. They have raised over $500,000 for gastric cancer research. There is more about Candace's fight for love in the All About Candace blog. I hope you will read it.

I will leave you with this. Candace's husband Jeff has this message to share. Do Good. Spread Joy. Love Always. Everyday we have is a gift to do those things! Lynn Collins knew this too. A quote from her character in Love After Broken...

"What I was able to do for others that hopefully made someone a little happier, or made the hurt a little less. That is all that I can know I gave to the world at the end of mine.”

Until next time - Fight for Love





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