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And so it began...

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

24 characters came to life page by page over 5 years, in 5 different countries, countless coffee shops, the hair salon, and several doctor's offices. Mostly squeezed into fifteen minutes increments of time I could barely tear myself away from to do real-life. Too many times to count there were 4:30 a.m. mornings and 3:30 a.m. nights.

The first time I sent 102,482 words to be read by someone "in the industry" was a very scary moment. My labor of love. The transition from writing my baby to getting it into the world. I'm pretty sure we can all agree the baby making part is far more enjoyable than the delivery?

I hit send then sat down to figure out what to do next, reading my first ‘how-to’ publish guidebook. I clicked on the first PDF of THE 5-SECRETS (Only 5?) and it started with these questions...

Why did you write this book?

Who is this book for?

What are you willing to do for this book?

No matter what feedback I received from what I had sent, I wouldn't give up on bringing the Second Time's the Charm series into the world. I didn't have a choice. Here's why.

Question 1: I was just trying to stay sane (relatively speaking of course since I am still an aspiring unicorn). One day, people began talking in my head and movie scenes were playing. I literally couldn’t focus on anything else, like people. My job. Everyday responsibilities. Sleep. Driving (think 2014 before your phone and car understood your voice!) I typed on my phone at every red light. No crashes. Plenty of honks while I finished a sentence. Or 3. I literally ran from a couple of yoga classes to grab paper and start writing down the words.

I had no choice. One story became two. Two became three. And the fourth is begging to be told. But, my story is still unfolding, which means those pages are as well.

Question 2: This book is for you if...

You’ve ever dreamed of a second chance or a do-over. If you have ever learned a hard lesson and wished you could share what you learned so just one other person wouldn’t feel alone. And, of course, this book is for you if you are an unapologetic, hopeless romantic and believe that true love always deserves a fighting chance!

Question 3: I’m willing to face the terrifying f-word failure. I owe this to all of my tribe who have lifted me up, cheered me on, listened, and shared my life. I'm all of the characters and so are those who have made me who I am. It's my give back to anyone who might need to get lost for a while in a story, a change in perspective, the guts to take a risk, or to realize they are exactly where they belong.

So there you have it. Four female characters, one in each decade of their life, from twenty to fifty. True love, lessons learned, female friendship, some yoga, and plenty of sex and drama.

The first chapter starts on November 6th so that will be the "birthday" of One Day After Never. I hope you love reading it as much as I loved writing it for all of you!

Signing my first blog from Whitney! I booked a vacation at the Marriott in Colorado. The concierge called me to sell me an upgrade. Her real name was Whitney Walker. I told her that day I was going to be borrowing it. So there you have it! I thought it sounded better than my own name. Plus, well, we should change names to protect the innocent, and not so innocent :).

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